Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge #6 & 7—Dresser Drawers and the Pantry

I slacked again  Well, I knew that I wasn’t going to get yesterday’s challenge done because we went straight from work to dinner to a friend’s house to bed.  I also knew that I would have time to do it today so I wasn’t worried.  Plus, my dresser drawers aren’t bad at all, so I only did three—one of unmentionables (sorry, I didn’t photograph that one—TMI for the internet in my opinion), one of tank tops and one of pajamas and lounge clothes.  I have yet to find a good way to keep my tank tops organized.  I have a lot, but I like to layer my outfits, so I wear one almost every day.  I tried something new this time, so hopefully it will work for me.  As for the pantry, I don’t have one.  I have a kitchen with some cabinets.  I make the best of our limited storage.  Also since there are only two of us and we are on a budget, we don’t have that much food in the apartment.  Here’s all the before and afters—hope you like them!

DSCN2668Tank tops before

DSCN2669Tank tops after

DSCN2670Pajamas and lounge clothes before


Pajamas and lounge clothes after (they still need a better place to live, but this is as good as it is going to get right now).

And here are the “panty” before and afters:




Do you love these jars that have my spices in them?


I do.  They’ve from Hobby Lobby and were 50% off this week, making them $1 each.  I went to four different Hobby Lobbys and ended up with 18 (one has sugar in it for Boyfriend’s coffee).


  1. Great work. The jars are cute.

  2. that looks like a great idea for the tank tops, i bet it will work! you can see all of them and they probably dont get shoved around and wrinkled this way!

  3. Love how you rolled the tank tops. Great idea and you can see them! And your cabinets looked good in the before.