Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge #4 & 5–The Linen Closet and Under the Kitchen Sink

So there was a basketball game on last night (Rock Chalk!) so the linen closet got started but not finished.  Whoops.  But I made up for it by doing under the kitchen sink and the linen closet when I got home from school today.  Neither one of them was very bad, so really it didn’t take too long.  Here’s the story about under the kitchen sink—our apartment complex is pretty old.  And most of the handyman work is done by a nonprofessional.  A while back the people under us were having some issues and it turned out that one of our pipes was had a hole it in or something.  I don’t really know.  All I know is that they came and cut a hole in the wall to access the pipes and ended up pulling out a whole bunch of gross, rotted drywall.  It’s better now, but it still occasionally leaks a little bit and I’ll be honest, I got tried of cleaning it out all the time (sometimes it would be really gross), so since they fixed the pipes and mostly solved the problem, I just don’t keep anything under there.  Mostly I ‘m just giving you this big long explanation so you don’t judge me when you see how gross it is under my sink. 




Like I said, not too bad.  I got rid of a couple of sets of sheets (I had three comforters for my bed and decided that was a bit excessive so I got rid of the pink sets.  We still have five sets of sheets and two comforters with matching shams and duvets, so I think we’ll be okay).  I also got rid of (aka put in the fridge) the collectors edition Bud Light (KU fan cans).  I’m going to keep one can, but the others are finally up for grabs.  Only problem is that we don’t really drink Bud Light.  Other than that, I just did some rearranging to make things fit better and get the rest of the stuff out from under the sink.





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  3. Oh, oh oh I need to clean closets also. Well, I just cleaned up the downstairs. First I put away all the Christmas Trees, put away stuff that's been hanging around, and then vacuumed mopped, and polished furniture. I'm so proud of myself. The closets will have to wait. :) Thanks for the pics. Linda