Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge #14, 15 & 16—Under the Bathroom Sink, Vitamins/Medicines and Fridge

Under the bathroom sink before:


We had a lot of storage here and it was sort of organized, but I went though and got rid of some stuff and moved some stuff around.



This is a caddy that is supposed to hang in the shower but my tiles are too little for it to stick.  I pulled the suction cups off and used 3M hooks to hang it on the inside of the cabinet doors to hold cleaning stuff.



Now just for fun, I went ahead and did the rest of the bathroom too.  This also means you will get to see the coolest part of my apartment—the bathroom counter made of seashells.  Seriously, it is  like seashells in resin.  It is pretty much super tacky, but I love it anyway, especially since I will only have to deal with it for a short time.


Now I know I showed you the medicine cabinet a few days ago—wasn’t it pretty?  I have a confession to make.  I tried the clear container to make sure it would fit and the cabinet closed just fine so I went and got some more of the same size from the Dollar Tree.  Then I got it all organized and it was so pretty so I took pictures of it and typed up my entry and never bothered to try to close the cabinet.  Turns out it didn’t close because the containers were just a tiny bit too big. So I re-did it, but it also holds my vitamins and medicines so it works for the challenge for the other day.


Its still organized, but now it closes, which I suppose is a tad bit more important than containerizing.






So there’s the bathroom.  Now on to the fridge.  Who else loves these cute baskets from the Dollar Tree?  I’m hoping that this new organizational method will help us know what is in the fridge so we don’t over shop and also help us eat stuff before it goes bad.





And just for fun (I need a new idea of fun apparently) I did the outside of the fridge too.





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  1. well done! funny about not trying to close the medicine cabinet door, definitly something i would do!