Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge #2 - Your computer desk (top only)

My desk really wasn’t too bad because I cleaned it off for the most part when I cleaned my office before New Years (Note: I find that inviting friends over every so often is a great motivator to clean your house/apartment).  Here’s the before picture:


I decided to tackle not only the desktop but the tops of the two storage units on the sides.  The one on the left is a filing cabinet (that I don’t use for filing) and it has my printer and filing system on top. The other is a set of plastic drawers that came from Boyfriend’s room at his parents house and we needed to keep them for extra storage.  Another note is that the pink drawers are not going to stay pink forever—as soon as I can I am going to clean and paint them.  My aunt found a bunch of scrapbooking stuff at an auction and got it for me for Christmas.  It came in the drawers and being my father’s frugal daughter, I can’t throw out perfectly good stuff, especially when it was free and I need the extra storage. 

I didn’t really get rid of a whole lot—mostly just put things where they live.  Here is the after shot:


I’m feeling pretty good about having two days under my belt, but school starts Thursday so after that I might not be able to keep up as well.

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