About Me

Hi, my name's Courtney, and this is my blog.  I've always loved doing crafty projects and when I found the world of craft blogs, I was hooked.  Here's a little bit about me:

I'm from Kansas City and I love it here.  I was born and grew up on the Kansas side and now live and go to school on the Missouri side.

I'm in law school and come July I will (hopefully) be a lawyer.  I've pretty much always wanted to be a lawyer.  I love that the law is always changing and every day when I go into work there will be some new challenge to take on.

I love my family and friends.  My parents are some of the best people I know and I am dating an amazing guy.  The only thing wrong with my boyfriend is that he's a Mizzou fan!

 In my free time, I love to craft and spend time with my friends.  I also love to travel.  I spent my junior year of college studying in England and got to spend 10 weeks backpacking around Europe.  It was such an awesome experience.  I've also been to Mexico.