Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello blog friends!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  I won't bore you with the boring story of what I have been doing since November because it really is very boring.  I can promise you though that I missed you more than you missed me.  Thant brings me to why we are here today.

I have a lot to celebrate today.  First, my birthday was this past weekend.  I turned 26, which is really old.  I didn't really celebrate it because I was studying but Alex made it a really nice day despite that.  Second, yesterday I took the Kansas bar exam.  It was a very different experience from last July, easier in some ways and much harder in others.  I am so happy to have it behind me.  And third, I'm launching a new blog tomorrow.  In my blogging sabbatical, I did a lot of thinking about what direction I wanted to go.  I decided that I wanted a fresh start, so from now on you can find me over at Casual Fridays.  So please update your links or however you prefer to follow blogs.  You may notice that I don't have a Google Friends Connect app on there.  With the news that it may be phased out, I decided just to leave it out all together.  There are a few options as how you can stay updated with all I have to say.  You can follow through Blogger if you blog, or though the RSS link on the right hand side if you use Google Reader.  I also added Linky Followers, so if you are using that these days, feel free to add me there. 

I hope you'll join my on my new adventure!

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