Monday, January 3, 2011

Boy Craft Part II: Bottling (and tasting!)

So after sitting in our frigid office for two weeks, the beer had stopped fermenting, which meant it was time to bottle it.  I didn’t order any bottles when I got the kit because, well, I was scared of what the shipping cost would be.  We ended up lucking out because Boyfriend’s dad used to brew back in the day and still had lots of empty bottles.  Then I washed them all because they had been sitting in a basement for a few years. 


Here are half of the bottles sitting in the hallway drying.  And Boyfriend is once again sanitizing everything in the bathtub. When I bought the kit I had no idea that this project would end up taking over the entire apartment.


Then we had to move the beer from the carboy into the bottling bucket.  Look at all the junk left at the bottom of the carboy when we got done—gross!


Now time to actually put it in the bottles!  We learned a couple of tricks from youtube, like if you bottle over the dishwasher and you spill, you can just close the dishwasher and run it instead of cleaning the floor.  Brilliant!


Once the bottles were filled and capped (we tag-teamed it to get done faster), the bottles went into Boyfriend’s closet for two weeks while the secondary fermentation took place.  Luckily the bottled beer didn’t need to be kept cold so I got my desk back so I could study for finals.


Two weeks (to the day) later, we broke into the first bottle.  (I should probably mention that we apparently are not good at math and ran out of real bottles with quite a bit of beer left, so we went the grocery store to see what we could use.  I refused to buy nice beer and just dump it out for the bottles, so we used the only non-clear plastic ones we could find—Shasta Ginger Ale.)  Anyway, back to the point, I am happy to report that the beer was a success!  We both like it and the only people who have tried it and haven’t like it are people that either don’t drink beer or only (and I mean only) drink Miller Light.  Boyfriend and I both think that it doesn’t really taste like a wheat, so we went to the store and made a build your own six pack to taste ours against to figure out what it is most like.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed our Boy Craft.  Boyfriend is still trying to decide what he is going to do next, so if you have any suggestions, I’ll be sure to pass them along to him. If his next batch is not ready in the middle of finals, I’m going to make him some labels.

Two more things: 1) 50 followers!!  I’m so excited.  Seriously, every time I get a new follower, I tell Boyfriend about it.  When I started this blog, I figured my mom would read it and that’s about it (hi mom!).  I’m super honored that you guys stop by and check out what I have to say.  2) I’ve started using Windows Live Writer and I really like it.  The only complaint that I have is the lag when I type—it’s kind of annoying.  If anyone knows how to make it not do that, you would be my new hero.  Otherwise, I like it a lot!

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