Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book Page Hearts

Back in December, Mandipidy posted a tutorial for Book Page Ornaments.  I made some to include with Christmas gifts but as I was making them, I decided they would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.  So I made a few more:


This picture is a little cluttered, but we have a window type thing in the wall between our kitchen and dining area.  I put some hooks at the top so I can hang things from it.  For Christmas, I hung ornaments, but now I’ve switched it to this heart garland.  I also hung some above the sliding glass doors that lead to our deck.



Boyfriend thinks it a bit silly that I am decorating for Valentine’s Day already, but I just loved these hearts so much that I had to put them up right away!  And did I mention that it was all free?  Can’t get much better than that!


  1. Hopping over from the Sundae Scoop. I like the hearts! And it's definitely not too early to start decorating :)

  2. I have made hearts like those with colorfull scrapbook paper but, I love the ideal of using book pages.

  3. I'm looking for ideas to make decorate for next Christmas with Danish Hearts. I love this idea! It might have to do with me reading blog while I'm waiting for the modge podge to dry on my own book page project to dry.

  4. These look great! I just wanted to let you know that I am featuring this party link on Monday @ 5:00 pm CST @ Polly Want a Crafter! Hope you get some great traffic!