Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge #3 - Organizing those messy Tupperware cabinets!

This challenge wasn’t to bad for me because Tupperware is the bane of my existence because it never stays organized.  So I end up reorganizing it a lot.  It has been a while since I have gotten rid of stuff though, so that part was good.  Here’s the before pictures.  Please excuse the terrible cabinets—we’re renting.



I got rid of a lot of the recycled containers (the sour cream/whipped cream/potato salad ones) because we don’t need them and if we for some reason decide we do, then they are easy to replace. The black round ones are recycled salad containers from Costco—those are the ones we don’t care about leaving at friend’s houses, so I like to keep quite a few around.  Here are the after pictures.  Again, not a huge change but a bit better.  I also managed to get our lunch boxes to fit down there too.


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