Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seriously, nothing is safe

I keep my keys on a lanyard so I can fish them out of my giant purses.   For a long time I was using a Miller Lite lanyard but it was neither cute nor is it very professional or anything.  So I found a plain black lanyard in my desk (no idea where it came from) and decided to make it cute.  Now I don't have a sewing machine and my mother's hates me and when I get an idea I usually want to do it right away and not wait around.  While doing this particular project I was listening to lectures on professional responsibility (they make lawyers take an ethics test as a requirement to be admitted to the Bar).  I had some ribbon that was the same width as my lanyard so I sewed it on.  I sewed it by hand which took a while. But I had over 4 hours of lecture to listen to so I had time.  If you used a sewing machine, it would not have taken hardly anytime at all.  My lanyard was twisted (on one side the ribbon would have been on the inside) but I wanted to use one continuous piece of ribbon so I just sewed it at the base.  I then cut a small piece of ribbon and wrapped it around the base to make it prettier.  Also I didn't want the colored thread to show on the backside so I colored it with black sharpie.  So pretty much this project was pretty ghetto but in the end it turned out really cute and a huge improvement over Miller Lite.

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