Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mother's Day Bookmark Card

So I know that I'm am a little late/early for Mother's Day, but I am trying to post about old projects so I can take the pictures off of my computer.  This is a card I made for my momma a few years back for Mother's Day.  It doubled as her gift because all of the flowers come out and are bookmarks.
The basket is made from two half-circles of cardstock.  I punched holes in them and "sewed" them together with ribbon.  Each to bookmarks is white cardstock with a quote about moms written on them.  I topped them with flowers cut out of scrapbook paper.  They are all cut at different lengths so that you can see all the flowers.  If you had a Cricut or flower punch or some other way to cut out the flowers fast, this is a super quick and simple project and would be a great gift for anyone who loves flowers and reading.

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