Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From Kitchen to Garden

This is a project that my mom came up with and I went over to her house to help. I'm not really sure where she got the idea, but it is too cute to not share it with you. I also am aware that my tutorial writing skills are somewhat lacking, but bear with me. 

We started with a variety of thift store plates and cups.  When you are getting them, just make sure they nest together well. 
Then glue the plates together in the proper order.  We used Gorilla Glue, but whatever you use, make sure you follow the instructions.  Before you put the glue on them, figure out where the plates touch.  We had some issues figuring out where to put the glue to make it stick.  After you glue the plates together, glue the cup into the center.  The inside of our cup was a little plain, so we decided to jazz it up a bit.
We used a clear stone and backed it with this marblized paper that mom had from an old project.  We used Mod Poge to attach the paper to the stone then Gorilla Glued it into the tea cup.
The final step is to attach a pipe fitting onto the back.  I dont know what this piece is called, but am aware that the picture is sideways.  :)  We used Gorilla Glue for this too. 
The final step is to put the whole thing on a piece of rebar and stick it in the garden to get this:


  1. this is so amazingly cute. and I CAN"T WAIT to find the time to make my own!

  2. How cute is that? Got to try a couple of those!!

  3. This is cute - is it just meant as decoration?

  4. This is adorable!! Such a cute idea, and I love the colors. Thanks for linking up to Love Me 2 Times! :]

  5. nice china plate flower! Fun project to do with your mom! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!