Monday, August 9, 2010

Ice Cream Cake Upgrade

Boy friend has this group of buddies that he is really close to.  So close in fact that we see this group of people nearly every Sunday of the year.  In the late spring/summer/well into fall, the boys play softball and then when it is not softball season, we all get together to have dinner.  Since I joined this little group, it has evolved into going to a different house each week and the host/hostess provides the main dish then other couples are assigned to bring sides, dessert, beer, etc.  One week we were supposed to bring dessert.  A few weeks before, one of the girls and I had gone on a late-night ice cream cake search only to come up empty handed.  I LOVE the ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen with the cookie crumbs and fudge instead of cake.  My mom made me one once, so I know it is possible and actually quite easy, but it was also quite messy.  I also LOVE the Kansas Jayhawks.  I grew up in Kansas, about five minutes from the state line with Missouri.  Now I live a couple of minutes from the state line in Missouri, but I still am a Kansas girl at heart.  Now if you're not from KC, then you probably don't know about the Kansas-Missouri rivalry, but let's just say, they call it the Border War for a reason.  Boy friend and all of his buddies are Mizzou friends, which pains me, but I get over it because they don't really like college sports anyway.  Not everyone can have good taste.  So I decided this particular week that I wanted a Jayhawk ice cream cake.  I started out at the closest DQ to my apartment and they only had super ugly air brushed cakes with cats and tool belts on them.  I asked if they had any plain cakes and they said they wouldn't have any until the next week which would be when they could personalize a cake for me.  Don't really know what that is about.  So I set out to the next closest DQ, which was a ways further away, but on my way to Target (where I shop at least weekly).  It would have taken them longer than I had to make a Jayhawk cake for me, but they did have plain cakes.  She offered to do the little border for me but i was afraid I would mess it up while decorating so I declined.  Now that I have typed all this, I give you the super easy steps I followed to decorate my own Jayhawk ice cream cake.
I used a cookie cutter that I had to make an outline of the Jayhawk's head in the cake, then filled it in with gel icing.  The sprinkles were from red, white and blue jar--I was feeling particularly OCD this day, so I picked all the white ones out.  After actually finding the cake, the whole project probably took me half an hour and was quite cute, if I do say so myself.  I have to give my own opinion on this one, because I took it to a bunch of people who don't like my team, so they didn't really appreciate it as much as they should have.  So if you don't have a lot of time or energy, but was a cute personalized cake, try this.  I think it is easier than decorating a regular cake because the icing is frozen so harder to mess up plus if you get a little gel out of place, it is fairly easy to wipe off.

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