Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

Two of my sorority sisters are having babies in December, but we had a shower for them this past weekend.  I knew I wanted to make my gifts and thought I would be all responsible and get them done before school started.  Both babies were girls, so I made my plan, bought my supplies and got crafting.  I literally had just finished painting the last onesie and went to check Facebook to see if anything interesting was going on.  Turns out someone was being a little shy at his last ultrasound and one of the babies was actually a boy.  So I had to come up with a new plan.  Shows me for trying to work ahead. lol.  So here is the finished product of what each momma got:
These are the baby girl gifts.  Originally each momma was going to get a onesie with the tutu (I go the idea here), a legacy onesie and another onesie that I painted using a cut out from my Forever Young Cricut cartridge.  The Circut onesies are more usable since I don't have any more sisters having girls (that I know of), so I switched things up a bit and baby girl got two legacy onesies and a tutu.  I decorated plain white bags from the dollar store.
I had a harder time coming up with baby boy ideas.  Since it was a joint shower, I felt like I had to give them similar things and since I made one set of gifts that I needed to make the other.  Plus with school starting last week, my brain was a bit scrambled.  I think they turned out cute though.  I googled onesie tie pattern and cut it out on freezer paper.  For the one with the stars I used freezer paper too but cut it on my Cricut.  For the lion I googled lion cartoon coloring page.  When I found one I liked I printed it out.  I put it under the onesie and used it as a stencil. 
Here are the finished bags all wrapped up.  The gifts were a big hit at the shower!


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