Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Puff Quilts 2 & 3

After I finished my first puff quilt the day before Easter last spring (so I could give it to my cousin and her baby on Easter), I started a puff quilt for Alex’s cousin who had also just had a baby.  Then came finals, graduation, the bar and recovery from all those things.  And puff quilt #2 sat unfinished.  Then our friends found out that they were having a baby and I decided I wanted to make them a puff quilt too.  Only problem was that puff quilt #2 was still not done and I decided that I couldn’t start another one before I finished the last one.  So I got my butt in gear and started sewing and sewing and sewing.  Puff quilts aren’t hard, they are just really time consuming.  I got Cole’s quilt (#2) done and in the mail the weekend before the shower for Baby J.  So I had a week to get Baby J’s quilt done.  And guess, what, I actually managed to pull it off.  Granted, I did the binding the morning of the shower.  But the point is that is quite the accomplishment for me, the World’s Slowest Sewer.  Here are some pictures of both quilts. The morning of the shower it was rainy and icky so the light was terrible, so the shots of Baby J’s quilt aren’t great.

This is Cole’s quilt:




And here is Baby J’s quilt:





Both of these seemed so much easier than the first one I did.  I messed up the piecing on Baby  J’s quilt, but didn’t have the time or patience to redo it.  I also don’t love the binding on either quilt.  That is something I can’t seem to get right and it frustrates me.  I even tried to do it differently on Baby J’s quilt, but it didn’t work either.  Practice makes perfect, so hopefully I will get a hang of it one of these days.

You may notice that the lion fabric shows up in all three quilts.  I love it, which is probably the ADPi in me.  I also have some trouble cutting the border pieces but they are the same width as the puffs, so one quilt’s messed up border is another quilt’s puffs.  I used two fabrics to bind Baby J’s quilt.  This was sort of planned and sort of not.  I originally wanted to bind it in green fleece.  I think that if I had more time and patience, it would have worked.  As it was, the week I was working on his quilt was also the week I found out that I had passed the bar so I wasn’t home every night.  When I finally got around to binding it a few hours before the shower, the fleece and I weren’t getting along and I didn’t have enough of any one fabric to make new binding so I used two different ones.  I actually like the way it looks and would probably love it if I could figure out how to sew it right.

Now I just need someone to have a baby girl because I am dying to make one of these in girly fabrics!

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