Friday, September 23, 2011

Pizza Waffles

When I make things, people seem to think I’m pretty cool.  They don’t really know that pretty much all I do is spend way too much time online (what else am I supposed to do when Alex thinks his video game is plotting against him and that is why he keeps dying?) and then I try, sometime with success and sometimes without, to recreate it.  And now that Pinterest is on the scene, I have all kinds of ideas to copycat.  And now I bring you pizza waffles.

Here is the original pin/link.  You will soon see that hers are a lot prettier than mine:

I should probably also give you another heads up.  My favorite place to go shopping is my parents house.  They have really cool stuff and it is free.  Well more or less free.  They prefer to charge in man hours.  My current payment plan includes stringing pompoms onto string to be used for some project when little kids visit my dad’s museum.  (Note my dad doesn’t actually have a museum.  He just works for a place that does.  Although he has enough stuff he could probably start a museum).  So anyway, stuff there is free.  It’s also a you take what you can get sort of situation.  Why am I rambling on?  Well I though you should know before you see the pictures and start scratching your head and wondering what in the world I am up to that I don’t have a real waffle maker like the one in the picture.  My mom does, but she didn’t give it to me.  Instead she gave me the Mickey and Minnie Mouse waffle maker.  You’ll be glad to know though that it works just as well to make waffle pizzas.  Well, sort of.


This is the waffle maker.  It has some flour on it because prior to taking this picture I was checking to see if my dough was the right size.  The great thing about waffle pizza is that it can be super easy or super fancy, depending on your style.  I’ll let you guess which one mine is.  All you need is pizza dough and your choice of pizza toppings.  I used dough from Trader Joe’s—we had the wheat and the garlic and herb.  Both were good but the garlic and herb was pretty sticky.  I don’t know if it was just my batch or if it is always like that, but if it were that sticky again, I would probably just work some flour into it to make it easier to handle.

Here’s what you do.  Roll your dough out to the size of your waffle maker.  We did separate Minnie and Mickey pizzas because clearly I need to eat Minnie since I am a girl and Alex needs to eat Mickey because he is a boy.  Plus we don’t really like the same food, so I didn’t want to have to eat his.  Put your dough on the waffle maker, top with sauce and your choice of toppings, then put a second piece of dough on top, close that sucker up and let it cook.


The amount of time it needs to cook will probably depend on how hot your waffle maker is and how thick your dough and toppings are.  Our only took a few minutes—maybe five or six.  I did flip them halfway though but I also do that when making regular waffles.


In the link above, she says to trim off the extra dough.  I did trim off the parts that were hanging out of the waffle maker but as you can see, there was some around Mickey’s face that got cooked.  If you were going to for cute you could trim this off.  I chose not to because 1) I was starving and 2) I like bread.

One of the best things about this recipe is that you can customize it anyway you can customize pizza, which is pretty much limitless.  They were kind of like calzones, but better in my mind because the dough was more cooked—I hate when you get a calzone and the inside of the dough is still kind of doughy.

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