Thursday, September 22, 2011

Diaper Party Gift

So I don’t know if you know this or not, but the boy version of a baby shower is a diaper party.  For Alex and his friends that pretty much meant what they would normally do on a Sunday afternoon (drink beer and watch football) but they all brought diapers.  I know diapers are practical and all, but they are not very cute nor are they clever.  However, there are a lot of onesies on Pinterest that are cute and clever.  I have a whole board of things that are ideas for gifts for other people’s babies.  You should check it out.  Only thing is that not all of these onesies are appropriate for when Great-Grandma is around.  They are however, appropriate for a diaper party.  I decided that I couldn’t let the boys have all the fun, and little baby J needed his own six pack:


I took an empty six pack container and spray painted it blue.  Then I got six bottles from the Dollar Tree (note, you could get real, nice bottles, but the bottles weren’t really the gift, what was inside the bottlers were).  Then I stuffed a custom onesie in each bottle:


These two are my favorites.  Both ideas are from Pinterest, so I can’t take credit.  I did put my own design spin on them though.  I used Sure Cuts A Lot, my Cricut and freezer paper to make the stencils.  (Yes mom, I took these pictures at your house.  I was running a bit behind so Molly helped me get it put together).


These two are painted too.  The brown onesie is from Hobby Lobby.  I couldn’t find solid brown onesies or kids shirts anywhere else.


Just to mix things up a bit, I did some appliques too.  I ironed Heat and Bond to my fabric and cut it out on my Cricut.  Just make sure your mat is really sticky and you cut slowly or it will mess up and you will be frustrated.

Baby J is going to be the best dressed kid on the block, if you ask me.  At least when dad gets him dressed, that is.

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