Thursday, May 19, 2011

Strawberry Pie in a Jar

I wanted to do a fun, portable dessert for Mother’s Day with the Boy’s family.  I happen to LOVE strawberries, so when I saw this recipe for Chocolate Drizzled Strawberries and Cream Pie at Our Best Bites, I knew that was what I wanted to make.  Plus his sister doesn’t do much dairy so I could easily do chocolate covered strawberries for her.  I’ve seen cake/cupcakes/pie in a jar all over, so I thought that would be the easiest way get it from our house to theirs and then out on our outing without making a mess.  So I gathered my supplies and got started.


It was a super simple recipe that even I couldn’t mess up.  Can’t forget the jars though.


Oh good, there they are.  I got them at Wal-Mart, in case you are looking for some of your own.


I wish I could say that no chocolate bunnies were harmed in the making of this dessert, but that clearly was not the case.  We had a bunch of chocolate Easter candy left so I melted that before I broke into the chocolate chips (I’m cheap).


Before filling the jars, I got each part ready—the crust, the strawberries, the filling and the chocolate (which was on the stove so it didn’t make it into the picture).  They Boy started helping me at this point since I only have two hands.


I don’t know how well you can tell from this picture, but I used a small, flat-ish ladle to push the crust into the bottom.  I like a lot of crust, so I did it pretty thick.  Then my hands were too full to take pictures but I layered crust, filling, strawberries, chocolate, filling, strawberries and chocolate.  I went for two layers since my jars were a little taller.















Here’s some close ups.  I topped them with some left over puff quilt fabric (it was already cut and everything).  You can tell that they are a little bit rustic, but for our first go around, it wasn’t bad.  Plus they were delicious!


The final touch was to add a plastic fork with some ribbon.  They’re not in the picture, but I also did two with just chocolate covered strawberries.  Pretty much the only thing I would do differently is to make more of the filling because I could have used a bit more to fill the jars a bit more.  They would probably also be a little prettier with less chocolate, but the Boy either doesn’t know what drizzle means or he knew that they would be extra tasty with extra chocolate.


  1. This is adorable and it looks SO good! Very cute idea!

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  4. Those look decadent! Thanks for sharing! :)

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  5. Such a great idea!!!

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  6. This looks so yummy and I LOVE the adorable presentation too! I featured this today at my Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party. Drop on by and grab a button, if you'd like.


  7. I saved this page so I could make them for my daughters party but I just noticed there r no details, like what's in the measuring cups? And what u add, if anything to the cream cheese? Thanks