Monday, May 16, 2011

Here's What Happened...

So the Thursday before graduation (that would, I believe, have been two Thursdays ago), the Boy got me some flowers.  Well actually what happened was that I told the Boy he was getting me flowers so we went to Costco and I picked out and paid for some flowers.  He has, two or three times, of his own accord gotten me flowers, but if I want flowers, I pretty much have to get them myself.  That's just how we roll here.  So anyway, I got some flowers.  They were pink and pretty and I put them in a vase by the door.  Then last Thursday, we came home from doing whatever it is that we had been doing and all of a sudden realized that it had, in real time, been a week since I had gotten said flowers.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it has only been about 30 seconds in Courtney time.  The week flew by and I feel like I got nothing accomplished.  The days since Thursday haven't been much better.  I have things to share, they just haven't had a chance to make it from my head to my computer yet.  I'm thinking sometime in the next couple of days I can make that happen, so don't give up on my quite yet.

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