Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laptop Case

I got a new laptop for graduation.  My old one still works and I am still using it because SCAL is no longer compatible with Circuit, so I am going to keep using the version I have which does work for as long as possible.  Also my old laptop has Photoshop, and while my parents have informed me that I can move it onto the new one, I have been too lazy to do so.  Anyway, so while I have a functional computer, its got a few quarks from being used and toted to and from school pretty much daily over the last three years.  And since I have to use my own computer to take the Bar in July, I wanted something more reliable.  Enter a very generous grandmother who supplied me with my as yet to be named new laptop.

Since the new laptop is not going to go on nearly as many trips as the old one did, I asked for, and received, one with a bigger screen.  Only problem with this is that it doesn’t fit into my old laptop case.  It won’t be going on many outings, but I wanted it to be safe during the ones it does go on.  Now, I could have gone out and bought a case, but where would be the fun in that?  I didn’t have too many requirements other than it be cute and not have a zipper because the idea of sewing a zipper scares me.  I did some googling and finally settled on this tutorial from The Cottage Home.  I used magnetic snaps instead of buttons (because button holes scare me too) and added some ruffles, because let’s face it, everything is cuter with ruffles.  So without further ado, I bring you my new laptop case:


The outside is made from a home décor weight fabric to make it a little more sturdy and the ruffles are from two fat quarters.


To make it a little more cushy I used a pre-quilted fabric for the lining.  DSCN3187

Close up of the ruffles.  I tried to use my ruffler foot but it was giving me all kinds of trouble so I ended up just adjusting my stitch length and tension.


Here’s a close up of the top.  Next time I would probably but the snap on the body down lower but I was afraid the ruffles would get in the way.  I don’t think the straps are really as lopsided in real life as they look in this picture.  Overall though, I love it and I’m pretty sure my laptop loves it too.  Just don’t let my old laptop see it—its case is a free one that I got from school.

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  1. I love the laptop case...I wish I was able to sew like that...I would have a different case cover all the time!! ;-)