Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Organized

I am forever hopeful that one of these days my life is going to slow down.  I was sure that after graduation things would start moving at a leisurely pace and I would be able to enjoy a couple of weeks off.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Not one bit.  Then this week bar prep started.  Apparently I am supposed to be studying for the bar 8-12 hours a day.  I don’t do anything for 12 hours a day.  My attention span is not that long.  All week I’ve been taking tests to learn just how much I do not know.  And to top it all off, I woke up sick yesterday.  Lame. 

You may have figured it out by now, but I kind of gave up on the everyday in May thing.  I just didn’t have time and it got to the point where it felt more like a chore than something fun to do.  No point in doing it if I’m not going to enjoy it.  Plus for the most part, my life is really boring.  I went to the lake last weekend with some friends and had a great time, but didn’t take any pictures.

I found this quote in my latest issue of Real Simple: “When I cannot bear outer pressure anymore, I begin to put order in my belongings….  As if unable to organize and control my life, I seek to exert this on the world of objects.  It pretty much sums me up perfectly.  So this week I’ve been getting my life in order before the crazy madness of bar prep really sets in.  The good news for you is that I even made a blogging schedule so I will have posts up regularly (knock on wood).  The bad news is that the most creative thing I’ve done all week is clean my office so I have a place to study and to craft.  So nothing new to post today, but the new schedule will start tomorrow, so check back then.

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