Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catching Up On May

Did you guys think I had given up on my Every Day in May project?  My mom did (hi mom), but have no fear, I’ve just been disgustingly busy.  I have all kinds of excuses—would you like to hear them?  Well lets start with a little thing called graduation, or make that 3 graduations in two days.  Then there were two days spent at the Boy’s parents house, one sans laptop, one with my laptop but no internet.  And I got a new laptop for graduation (love it!) but I didn’t have any good photo/scrapbooking software on it, so I had to remedy that (using My Memories digital scrapbooking, which I’m loving so far).  Oh yeah, and I’m still working.  So yeah, I needed some time to catch up, but catch up I have so get ready for this:

Every Day in May-004

Every Day in May-001

Every Day in May-003

Every Day in May-002

Every Day in May-005

Every Day in May-006

Every Day in May-007

Every Day in May-008

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