Friday, April 1, 2011

Name Frames

One of my good friends (Baby Girl’s mom) had a birthday a few weeks ago and I racked my brain to figure out what to get her.  She is a great mom to three little girls and they are the most important thing in her world, so I thought that something that had to do with her girls would be great.  I thought about the frames I made for Boy’s cousin for their baby and I got an idea.  Here’s what I came up with:


Her three girls are Brooke, Felicity and Callie.  I got some frames and ribbon from Walmart and used my E6000 glue to glue them together.  I also etched each girl’s name on her frame.




I put pink paper in the frames because I didn’t have time to print pictures of her girls, but when she gets pictures printed she will be able put pictures of her babies in there.  She loved it and it was a super easy to put together.  I love giving personalized gifts because they are just that much more special.

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