Saturday, April 16, 2011

Union Jack Cigar Box

It has been far too long since I have last posted and I want to thank everyone who’s still here.  Law school is way super lame and I have been crazy busy with end of the year/end of it all forever stuff.  Some of it has been fun, but most of it has been work and it has all left me super tired.  Since I didn’t think you really wanted to know about my latest creation, which was a 15 page memo to a fictitious client about the pros and cons of a couple of financing proposals, I finally photographed some random stuff that I thought you might be interested in. 

This first one is something I did right after I got back from England and was still super homesick for my second home.  It was funny how I was homesick while I was there but equally as homesick when I got home.  I wanted a place to keep some mementos and I was going though a Mod Podge phase.  I started out with a cigar box.  Honestly, I can’t remember where it came from but I think my dad somehow came home with a bunch one day or something.  No one in our family smokes cigars but I do come from a long line of dumpster divers, so maybe that had something to do with it. 

Basically all I did was cut blue, red and silver pictures out of magazines and went to town.  To get the top just right, I printed the outline of the British flag (found it on Google by searching for coloring pages).  Then I cut the pieces out, kind of like a puzzle, and Mod Podged the right color clippings to each of the red and blue parts then Mod Podged the whole thing together onto the lid that I had done in all silver.  Doing the top one color made it so I didn’t have to get everything lined up perfectly.  I made a journal using the same technique, but I think it is in a box somewhere at the moment, still waiting for its turn to be used.


The body of the box is red because that is probably what I had the most of.  The inside of the lid is foil because it is not all that easy finding pictures that have big chunks of silver.


It holds birthday cards, Underground tickets and other trinkets from my year abroad.  They’re pretty happy in their pretty little home.  Here’s one more close up of the top.


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