Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Command Center

I was inspired by the Command Center over at Oh So Chichi! and decided that I needed something like that in my house.  Now I don’t have any kids to keep track of but the more organized I am, the happier I am.  I also like to keep everything in one place.  I sketched out my design and headed out to Dollar General and picked up some cheap frames.  They are super lightweight which is what I wanted so I could use Command strips to hang them.  Here’s the final result:


This is the best picture I could get since it hangs in a tiny hallway that runs down the center of our apartment.  It’s a good location though because its right across from the kitchen and we pass it to get to the bedroom, office or bathroom.  I used the leftover fabric from my apron instead of paper behind the glass.


This 11x14 is our to do list.  I keep my personal to do list in my planner but this is where we can put things that we need to do together.  The fabric is behind the glass so we can write on it with dry erase markers and wipe it off when we are done.  I cut the vinyl using my Sure Cuts A Lot Software.


This menu board is my favorite part of the whole deal.  I painted clothes pins using my free Valspar paint sample from Facebook.  Then I painted chipboard letters (they didn’t match otherwise I wouldn’t have needed to paint them) and glued the letters to the clothespins then glued the clothespins to the frame.  The pockets are fabric with vinyl on them.  I ironed the fabric in the size I wanted it and glued the edges to the glass.  I write one recipe per piece of paper and clip it on the day that we are going to have that for dinner.  This helps me keep track of our favorites, which will go in the favs pocket.  The new pocket holds blank paper and recipes that I want to try.  Also on each piece of paper I note where the recipe is from so I don’t have to dig around when it comes time to cook.


The rest of the frames are 8x10s.  The first one is just where we can leave notes or reminders or just say I love you.  For the middle one, I glued a piece of metal flashing to the glass and stuck it in the frame.  Then I used some magnet paper (it is supposed to be used in your Cricut) to make strips with our weekly cleaning chores on them.  When that room has been cleaned for the week, the strip goes on the other side so we know what is done and what still has to be done.  The last frame is for bills.  We have three bills that we get in the mail (electric, internet and water/sewer/gas), so when those bills come in the mail they get clipped onto this frame and the due date gets written above the clip with a dry erase marker.  That way we won’t forget what is due when.


Here it is in use!  I love it so far and it works really well for our little family.  There is room to add another row of frames below these too so if I come up with more things that we need I can easily add them.

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