Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chiefs Rag Wreath

We’re big Kansas City Chiefs fans around here.  And by we, I mean Alex is a big Chiefs fan.  I’m not much of a football fan, especially football on TV.  I like to go to pretty much any sporting event live, but really the only thing I like to watch on TV is college basketball.  But I’m getting there since we watch football pretty much every Sunday. 

I am constantly trying to incorporate Alex’s likes into our décor.  This can be slightly problematic since the only things Alex really likes are sports and beer.  I don’t really want to feel like I am living in a college frat house, so this can be kind of difficult.  However, I was browsing Pinterest and after seeing a few things, got inspired.


I used one of the viney wood wreath frames from the Dollar Tree.  I got red and yellow fabric and cut it into one inch strips and starting tying.   This would be a great car ride (as long as you bring a lint roller to get all of the strings off your clothes) or TV watching activity because it is easy and mindless.


Just keep tying and tying and tying until your wreath is full.  Have a fuller wreath form helps give it a little heft. 


I felt like it needed a little something else, so we stopped at Hobby Lobby and got this wooded football.  It was already painted and everything.  I hot glued an extra piece of fabric on the back of it then once it dried, tied it to the wreath.  That way, if for some reason I ever want to take it off, I can.


Since we are moving soon, I’m not sure where it will be hanging long term, so I didn’t really know how long I wanted the hanger to be.  So, for now, I took a strip of yellow and red fabric and tied them together around the wreath.  I knotted the top so it hung at the right height for now, but I can change it once we move.

Alex likes it and it is a cute way to incorporate his interests into our décor.

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