Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wine Bottle Light

Sorry its been a couple of days.  We are dealing with car problems and then there is always school on top of whatever else is going on.  Plus I've been spending a lot of my free internet time on Facebook looking at pictures that boyfriend and I had taken by a college friend of mine.  We LOVE the ones we've seen so far, and that's saying something because I usually hate having my picture taken.  If you are in Kansas City and need some affordable and adorable pictures taken, I definitely recommend her.  If you want contact information, let me know.  Here's a couple of our favorites so far:
This one is boyfriends favorite (its his Facebook profile picture and the background on his phone lol).  I love the KC skyline in the background.
I like this one a lot too!  If you are from KS or MO, you'll probably understand better why it's funny.

Anyway, onto today's project.  I made this years ago, but it is one of the few things that has stayed up.  All I did was take a strand of Christmas lights and stick them in a blue wine bottle, but it looks very cute. 

Thanks for looking!

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  1. your blog is SO sweet! Those pictures are adorable, and that bottle idea is awesome! Thanks for visiting and following A Pretty Plethora! Happy Weekend to ya :)