Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

More graduation pages!
I wanted to be able to journal a little about the ceremony, but didn't have a whole lot of pictures to use.  This picture is of me as I was walking into the gym where graduation was held.  I don't usually end up scrapbooking events right after they happen (I'll admit it--I'm a procrastinator), but it works out well because most people will put themed stickers on sale a while after the event.  So I collected graduation stickers while they were on sale and held on to them until I got around to making the album.

One of my friends who was sitting in the front row (we were in alphabetical order, and her last name started with B) took her camera and got pictures of us while we were walking across the stage.  Here I am accepting my diploma (cover) from the President of the college.
I was on the committee that headed our senior giving campaign (where the graduating class pledges to give back to the college after graduation).  Our theme was iGive and when people pledged, they got to sign a banner that hung in the Union.  The college was so excited we go so many pledges that they left the banner up for graduation.  The graphic at the bottom is one of the postcards we sent out for the campaign and the apple sticker came with my iPod.
The next few pages are pictures of me with some of my favorite college friends who graduated with me.  On each page, I journaled about our relationship.
I used the little notebook, which came in a sticker set, for journaling on this one because I had a lot to say.
I'll post the other half of the album next weekend!

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