Saturday, September 4, 2010

Scrapbook Saturday

This weekend (and probably next) I decided to feature the scrapbook I made for my college graduation.  I'm a big fan of mini-books as long as I have enough pictures of the same event/theme to fill them with.  I made this book myself.  The front and back covers are a light cardboard that I covered with black paper and punched holes in the top. It's held together with two rings.  I got them at an office supply store and also use them to hold my flashcards for class.  Our college colors were red and black and you can't tell well from the picture, but the Graduation letters are glittery.
The pages are made from card stock.  The best part about making your own mini-book is that you can make the pages whatever size you like.  This page is really simple with the date and "on the hill" because the main part of the college is located on the highest point in the country and if you're going up on campus, you often say that you're going up to the hill.
It was super windy the day we graduated and my mom got this great picture of some of the graduates holding on to their hats for dear life.  I'm not in the picture but it was too cute not to include.  On the pages where I didn't have a design in mind, I just used red and black scraps.
Since it was a very small school, the president and his wife were very involved and knew almost all of the students.  They hosted an open house that their home the morning of graduation (they live in a house on campus) and greeted everyone who came.  Like everything else that day, it had to be documented photographically.  I also used the invitation they sent all the graduates and their family and journaled about how much of an impact they had on my college career.
(I have no idea why that picture is sideways--it isn't on my computer but blogger keeps uploading it like that.  I also can't figure out how to flip it in blogger.  Sorry!)  Another graduation is for the graduates to take their last walk around the Quad.  On orientation weekend your first year, the whole class takes a walk around the Quad and parents, faculty, staff and other students who are already on campus come out and watch.  Then right before graduation everyone lines up and takes their last walk around the Quad.  Both walks are also lead by bagpipers (I don't really know why other than it makes it cooler).  The book opens vertically so you can see both of these pages at once.

I'll post more pages from the book tomorrow!

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