Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo Frame Upgrade

I love to decorate with photographs.  My whole apartment is full of pictures of the people and places that I love.  I rarely buy a picture frame at full price though, so some of them need a bit of an upgrade before they are display worthy.  My favorite place to buy frames is the clearance section of Target (well actually the clearance section of Target is my favorite place to by anything).  Here are a couple of frames I got this summer.  They sit on my dresser and the colors of my bedroom are black and white with jewel-tone accents. 
This frame is actually brown and the word "Love" is printed on the glass.  The mat was white with gold writing on it.  I think it was sayings or quotes about love, but the problem was that there was so little white space that they couldn't even really fit full words on there.  All I did was spray paint the mat pink.  It took a couple of coats to cover all the words, but I like the way it looks now a lot more.
Here is the second one.  This one took a bit more work, but not much.  What is now pink was originally white with gold crowns printed on it.  I liked it but it wasn't really my style.  Where the flower is on top was a big bow made out of ribbon but as it was in the clearance section, it had seen better days.  The bow was screwed it but I pulled it off and removed the screw.  I then had a hole to cover, so I made a flower out of ribbon using these instructions from Martha.  The button in the middle came was an extra that came with a shirt.  I figure if I ever happen to lose the button on the shirt, I will just replace the one on the frame with something else.  I used hot glue to put the flower on the frame.  Next I moved to the mat  It was actually two pieces that were glued together but came apart easily.  I painted the outer part with the same pink spray paint and then just glued them back together after they were dry.
Both frames were super cheap and easy and I love how they are now personalized and match my decor!

Thanks for looking!

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