Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rings & Things

I don't wear a whole lot of jewelry on my hands and wrists--sometimes I will when I am going out, but they usually end up in my purse long before the night is over.  Actually other than necklaces, I'm not a big jewelry girl.  However, I recently got myself a ring that I do wear on a regular basis, when I know where it is, that is.  See I'm not very good at wearings rings--on any given day, I wear in on two or three different fingers on my left hand and I don't like to wear it when I'm washing my hands or preparing food.  This meant that it got left on the kitchen counter or ledge above the sink a whole lot, which really isn't a very safe place for it.  I decided that it needed a home in the kitchen, so I made it this:
(please ignore the ghetto bottle next to it--it is a work in progress).  A little overkill?  Maybe.  But I LOVE it.  All I did was take a little glass round dish from the Dollar Tree (it was with the candles and such) and glued it to a candle stick.  Then I used scrapbook stickers around to edge to spell out "Rings & Things, plus I put another & after things to make it a circle.  I used etching cream to make the letters stand out.  All in all it only cost me $2 (I had the stickers, glue and etching cream) and now my ring is safe and sound.  Its kind of big, but I also like to put my cell phone in it while I'm making dinner so I have it near but it is safe from food and water.


  1. Okay SUCH a good idea! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for linking up to Fantabulous Friday!