Friday, June 3, 2011

More Vinyl Projects

When I was showing you all my laptop,  I talked about how I loved that you could just peel the vinyl off if you got sick of it.  Well, I’ve also found that unless you peel it off yourself, vinyl sticks really well.  Even though the dishwasher.


This is my summer drink cup.  One of my favorite summer cocktails is Pimm’s.  it’s a British drink that I discovered when I was studying in England.  Its really popular over there in the summer.  It a gin based liqueur that you mix with sprite (or lemonade if you are in England).  It’s usually served with fruit (I like frozen fruit—it keeps your drink cold without diluting it).  I got one of those hard plastic cups from Hobby Lobby and put the measurements for the drink on the side.  This way I can easily mix the perfect drink.  Its been through the dishwasher several times and the vinyl still looks great.

DSCN3202 DSCN3203

I’m a big water bottle user, but I’m kind of picky.  I have certain water bottles that are just for plain water and some that are for flavored drinks.  I wanted to make sure the boy didn’t get them mixed up, so I labeled them with vinyl.  This would also be great if you had multiple people with the same water bottles and you wanted to know whose was whose.  Again, they’ve been though the dishwasher several times and still look great.

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