Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Placemat Pillows

One of the traits I inherited from my father is cheapness financial responsibility.  It’s not really a bad thing because since Boyfriend and I are both in school, we are living on a pretty tight budget.  This makes redecorating our bedroom (which I have decided to do), a bit of a challenge.  Luckily, the world of blogging has taught me a lot about transforming inexpensive things.  When Boyfriend and I were at Target last week, I spotted some cute, clearance placemats.  I remembered that I had this tutorial bookmarked and decided to get them to use in the living room.  When I got them home I realized that they matched out bedspread almost perfectly, which also came from Target.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t match on purpose, unless Target was planning on me making them into pillows.  Seems a bit unlikely, but you never know.  :)
All I did was rip a little bit of the seam out of the edge, fill with polyfill and hand sew it shut.  It hardly took anytime at all.  Each placemat was around $2 and I used a bag and a half of polyfill.  Just make sure you get placemats that are sewn together so you can rip out part of the seam to get inside.
DSCN2859DSCN2862           DSCN2860

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  1. Wow! Those match perfectly:) They turned out great. I am going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Those look awesome!!! Great job! :)

  3. Awesome! I would have never thought of that and am in need of some pillows!

  4. ive seen this several times but i can never find nice placemats!

  5. Those do match perfectly!

    @Rhiannon--try Target. I have seen nice placemats there before.