Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wedding Gift

I'm done with finals!  Yay!  This means I'm going to be finishing a lot of Christmas gifts this week, so be prepared for some projects!

My Roommate got married this past weekend.  I should probably explain that when I talk about my Roommate I am talking about my dear friend who I lived with my freshman year of college.  She will always be my Roommate.  Here is the gift I made for them.  I've seen a few plaques like this around Blog-land, so if it was originally your idea, let me know and I will give you credit.

I got this plaque at Hobby Lobby.  I was originally going to get an unfinished wood one, but this one ended up being the same price and I had to do less painting.  I kind of forgot to take pictures of the steps along the way, but I spay painted it blue and then did a coat of off white paint (I got one of those paint samples at the hardware store).  I used my Circut to cut the letters out of this:
It is craft paper that is sticky on one side.  I stuck the letters on then did a coat of clear sealer.  That didn't go so well and I ran out, so I did a couple of coats of Outdoor ModgePodge.  Here's how it ended up: