Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wall of Frames

When we were packing up BF's room at his parents house to move him in with me, he had a bunch of random frames with certificates and stuff from high school in them.  He didn't really want to display them anymore, but being the frugal creature that I am, I couldn't get rid of the frames.  I decided to paint them and put them up in our office.  I also painted a bulletin board to match.
The frames didn't really match, so painting them all blue really tied them all together.  Some of them I just kept the glass in and am using them as dry erase boards.  Some of them I put metal sheeting and am using them as magnet boards.
Here you can see the bulletin board a little better.  My paint job wasn't stellar, so I stapled ribbon around the edge.   They are well used now.  In my next post, I'll share what I did with one of the dry erase ones to ensure the apartment gets cleaned.

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