Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

So I'm in law school, which means I'm broke.  Like really broke.  Living off student loans broke.  This means that there are a lot of things that I want and can't afford.  I also live in a tiny (but cheap) apartment, so even if I could afford these things, I don't really have a place to put them.  But a girl can dream, right?

I love this bar from Pottery Barn.  I am the type of person who thinks that every drink should be served in the appropriate glass.  I also am a sucker for cute and unique glassware.  Unfortunately right now, while it is organized, my glassware is not really accessible, so we use the same couple of wine and pint glasses for everything.  But I would love a piece of furniture like this.  I also love that it has doors, so you can close it up when not entertaining and keep a clean look.

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